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1. recent or new life

2. noting or pertaining to the present era

Geologic time is measured on a different scale. Millions of
years are the blink of an eye. To keep track, we describe this deep time in
geologic eras. We are currently in the Cenozoic (pronounced like sen-oh-zoh-ic)
era. The Cenozioc Era is perfect: not too hot, not too cold, not too wet, not too dry.
And in this time, life has flourished and diversified. We can call it the age of
the mammal. And the best mammal, in our humble opinion, is…well…us (shh, don't tell our dog)!

Humans have been busy in the Cenozoic Era. From music and art
to technological innovation, we occupy our time and thoughts with progress and
betterment. However, since the beginning, we have focused on our shelters. How
can we create a space that is apparat; a custom environment and atmosphere
defined by warmth and comfort?
With this question, Cenozioc Cozy Home was formed
to illustrate the future of our living spaces in our modern era.

We have curated an intentional collection of functional, cozy, and next-level, home
styling elements. Our mission is to connect like-minded home shoppers and
decorators with craft suppliers and manufacturers to create the coziest spaces.

When we allow comfort to define style, and when we prioritize quality and sustainability,
we can create truly timeless living spaces.